The XT-PRO Series Loudspeakers were designed specifically for those looking for some serious sound output, but do not want to compromise on sound quality. Inspired by our history of record-breaking SPL competition, the new XT-PRO Series line of speakers were constructed with the street enthusiast in mind. With an emphasis on efficiency and power handling, a copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil complemented by a high energy ferrite motor that immerses the voice coil in a strong magnetic field provides just that.

The engineered response of the XT-PRO Loudspeakers comes from a variety of developed and refined parts. A low mass carbon fiber cone was chosen to provide the depth and accuracy on vocal reproduction while providing excellent dampening to deliver an incredibly natural yet accurate sound. Compliance tuned double-roll surround provides control over a wide frequency range, while still allowing the suspension to remain linear with minimal restriction for fast transient response and dynamics.



Product Features:
· Cast Aluminum Basket
· Oversized CCAW High Temperature Voice Coil
· Carbon Fiber Cone
· Treated Cloth Accordion Surround
· Push Terminals
· Packed Individually

XT-Pro 6″: See Specs
XT-Pro 6×9″: See Specs
XT-Pro 8″: See Specs
XT-Pro 10″: See Specs


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