The quest for perfection packed with tons of POWER and functionality are what the C7 Amplifiers are all about. We were able to develop amplifiers backed up with extensive testing in real world situations to ensure our performance requirements were met. Incorporating MASSIVE power into a smaller footprint was our goal, while still offering the reliability and performance that our customers have been known to expect. C7 Series Amplifiers offer our customers a no holds barred, no compromise amplifier that must be heard to appreciate, get ready to be impressed!


Product Features:
· Digital Class-D Strapable Mono Block Amplifier
· Dual MOSFET PWM Power Supply
· Stable Into 1 Ohm Mono Load
· 24 dB / Octave, Variable Low-Pass Crossover
· 24 dB / Octave, Variable Subsonic Filter
· 9 dB / Octave, Variable Bass Boost
· 180 Variable Phase Shift
· 4 Way Protection Circuit
· Subwoofer Level Controller Included
· C7-2K Working Voltage From 8.5V ~16V
· C7-4K Working Voltage From 8.5V ~16V



Product Features:
· Digital Class-D Full Range Digital Amplifier
· Dual MOSFET PWM Power Supply
· Stable Into 2 Ohm Stereo / 4 Ohm Mono Load
· 12 dB / Octave, Variable Low-Pass Crossover
· 12 dB / Octave, Variable High-Pass Crossover
· Band-Pass Capable
· 0 Guage Power & Ground Terminal
· 4 Way Protection Circuit
· 1/2 Ch & 3/4 Ch Clipping Indicator
· Subwoofer Level Controller Included
· Working Voltage From 8.5V ~16V

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