The new XT series amplifiers deliver POWER on a whole new level. With years of research and development, and extensive field testing, improvements were made in both performance and reliability. In addition, we also added some cool new features, starting with an enlarged engraved logo on the heatsink, large 4 awg speaker terminals for reduced resistance, and clipping indicators on both the amplifier and bass control knob to monitor the INSANE POWER that these amplifiers can produce. The PCB design was improved from top to bottom to create power more efficiently and allowing us on certain models to shorten the overall footprint for those who are limited on space. One feature that did not change was the use of XS POWER Flex Series power cable on our PCB layout. This 100% pure OFC wire allows for the best current transfer across the PCB for increased efficiency.

All XT series amplifiers were designed to work with todays electrical options, as technology has changed over the years with amplifiers, so has the electrical options to supply these mega power systems. XT series amplifiers were designed to produce rated power at 12.5 volts and will keep increasing power up to their max voltage of 16 volts. It does not matter if you are dedicated SPL competitor or a guy who just wants to listen to their system at ridiculously loud levels, these XT amplifiers will deliver the power you need and much more!



Product Features
· XT-6K, 8K, Strapable Mono Block Amplifiers
· XS-16K Non-Strapable
· Dual MOSFET PWM Power Supply
· Stable Into 1 Ohm Mono Load
· 24 dB / Octave, Variable Low-Pass Crossover
· 24 dB / Octave, Variable Subsonic Filter
· 9 dB / Octave, Variable Bass Boost (N/A on XS-16K)
· 180 Variable Phase Shift
· 4 Way Protection Circuit
· Subwoofer Level Controller w/ Clipping Indicator Included
· XT-6K, 8K, XS-16K Working Voltage From 8.5V ~16V

XT Amp Spec Chart



SQ4 Amp


The XS-SQ4 amplifier features the finest in audio components such as BURR BROWN OP-AMPS, MONOLITHIC SIGNAL CAPACITORS, and SANKEN OUTPUT TRANSISTORS. This result is unparalleled sonic performance in a mobile audio amplifier. The XS-SQ4 amplifier’s dynamic range conveys a musical realism that transcends standard amplifier designs. With seemingly UNLIMITED FREQUENCY RESPONSE and smashing dynamic range, the end result is the finest sounding amplifier Crossfire has ever built, period.



Product Features
· Class A/B Topology
· Burr Brown Operational Amplifiers
· Monolithic Signal Capacitors
· Sanken Output Devices
· Overbuilt Dual Unregulated Power Supplies
· Hand Wound Power Supply Transformers
· 24 dB / Octave, Variable High / Low-Pass Crossover
· Isolated Pre-Amp Section
· Crossovers Have 41 Detents For Exact Frequency Selection
· Aluminum Shaft Potentiometers
· Panel Mounted  Tiffany RCAs
· Clip Indicators
· Proprietary Extruded Aluminum Heatsink
· Remote Level Controller Included
· Working Voltage From 10V ~ 18V

XS SQ4 Amp Spec Chart

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