The genesis of crossfire can be traced back to the early 90’s, when a group of passionate audio entrepreneurs recognized a vacuum in the car audio world.

There were only two types; those that imported low-quality products, and those that built expensive, US built amplifiers. There had to be a niche for high-performance amplifiers and speakers that would deliver exceptional value and reliability, yet were affordable to the average car audio enthusiast. Thus, Crossfire was born.

As a prime Amplifier manufacturer, over the past decade and a half, Crossfire has evolved and developed, from it’s modest beginnings into a high-demand, worldwide brand, sold in over 25 countries.

Now recognized as both a product innovator and as one of the worlds premier prime OEM amplifier vendors, Crossfire has developed a strong reputation for building exceptional amplifiers, both traditional Class AB amplifiers, as well as over a decade in designing and building advanced, Class D “monoblock” types, which have become the predominant type used for car audio subwoofer systems.