When an upgrade is just not enough for your musical tastes, the C5 series loudspeakers take you to that level and then some.  With tenacious listening and testing combined with audiophile components, these coaxials and components reproduce the MUSICAL SPECTRUM the way it was originally intended. Our goal was to create an unparalleled loudspeaker that provides accurate musical reproduction across the entire range.  The C5 loudspeakers easily surpass that goal, and we invite you to take a listen so you can hear for yourself.



Product Features:
· UV Protected Glass / Carbon Fiber Cone
· 19mm Silk Dome Tweeter
· Protective Magnet Boot
· 80 – 150 Watts Power Handling






Product Features:
· UV Protected Glass / Carbon Fiber Cone
· 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter
· 2-Way 12 dB High / Low-Pass Crossover
· 3 Levels Of Tweeter Adjustment
· Speaker Grilles Included
· 100 – 120 Watts Power Handling

C5 X6 Chart




C5-25S Tweeter Kit


Product Features:
· 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter Set
· In-line 12dB / Octave Slope Crossover
· 3 levels of Tweeter Adjustment
· Frequency Response 4K-20K
· 80 Watts Max Power


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