The dedication to sound quality is what the C7-SQ6 component system is about. Focusing on detail and accurate musical reproduction, you will appreciate music on a whole new level. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
A strong cast aluminum frame coupled with a hybrid composite cone offers a balanced natural frequency response with dynamic detail. The Mid-Woofer utilizes a copper pole cap and the voice coil features a double slit former for reduced inductance and extended high frequency roll off.
The aluminum housed tweeter features a 28mm Silk Dome that delivers a high and wide soundstage and an accurate image.
Designed with installers in mind, the 2-way crossover is built using high quality components with low-distortion capacitors and resistors. The crossover network also offers tweeter level adjustments to achieve accurate balance of high frequencies within your system.


Product Features:
· Copper Pole Cap /Hybrid Composite Cone
· 28mm Silk Dome Tweeter
· Protective Magnet Boot
· 100 Watts RMS Power Handling


Product Features:
· 28mm Silk Dome Tweeter Set
· In-line 12dB / Octave Slope Crossover
· 3 levels of Tweeter Adjustment
· Frequency Response 3kHz-25kHz
· 40 Watts RMS Power Handling

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